Synology DS112j

Synology DS112j
Synology DS112j Synology DS112j Synology DS112j Synology DS112j Synology DS112j Synology DS112j
Producător: Synology
Cod produs: DS112j
Disponibilitate: Pre-Comandă
Preţ: 170,69€
Fără TVA: 137,65€
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Synology DiskStation DS112j este proiectat să ofere o soluție simplă pentru backup de fișiere, stocare, și distribuire în mediul de acasă cu un consum mic de energie. Folosind sistemul de operare propriu DiskStation Manager (DSM), oferă o varietate de caracteristici de divertisment personal, acceșibile și ușor de utilizat.

  • 24/7 Personal Cloud
  • Hardware Encryption Engine
  • pentru HDD de 2.5” și 3.5”
  • Cool and Quiet Design
  • Consum mic de energie, doar 12.1 W în timpul funcționării
  • Sistem de operare Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)


DS112j  -  Budget-friendly 1-bay NAS server pentru birou sau pentru acasă

Cloud personal

Cu Synology DS112j pot fi centralizate și distribuite toate datele și fișierele în rețeaua locală. Dacă acest mod de administrare a fișierelor este util, distribuirea poate fi extinsă pe internet, astfel încăt se obține un cloud personal.

The EZ-Internet wizard guides you through all the steps necessary to establish remote Internet access to your Synology DS112j. You will be allowed to remotely access your DS112j anywhere within minutes, and it is just that easy.

If you are always on the move, Synology provides a handy app, DS file for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ users. Anything stored on Synology DS112j can now be accessed remotely using DS file via the Internet.

Versatile Multimedia Center for Home

With the built-in media server on the DS112j, you can stream digital multimedia content from a Synology DiskStation to a media device such as a stereo system, Sony™ PlayStation® 3 and Microsoft® XBox 360. You can also stream videos and music to a DLNA/UPnP® compatible TV set so you can enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows that are stored on your DiskStation. Your living room just got better.

For fully digitized music listening experience from the comfort of your couch, by connecting DS112j to a home stereo system and using DS audio App for iPad, iPhone and Android, users can control music playback with simplicity.

Your 24x7 Download Server

Download Station functions as a 24x7 BT, FTP, HTTP, eMule, and NZB download center without a PC. The eMule & BT search engine allows search-n-download capability without installing additional desktop applications.

RSS feed feature will bring the latest updates directly to you. You can subscribe to multiple RSS feeds that list the information of all your favorite downloads, and your download experience is entirely automated.

Share Your Memories to Friends

Photo Station simplifies photo, video, and blog sharing to the public. Features such as theme personalization, blog, and user privilege settings make Photo Station your state-of-the-art lifestyle sharing center on the Internet. Photo Station syncs the album automatically to Facebook, so it is now even more closely intertwined with your social life.

Back up All Your Important Files

The Synology DS112j offers a centralized backup target to all your PC/Mac® computers in the house. PC Users can back up their data to the Synology DS112j using the free Synology Data Replicator software, while Mac OS X® users enjoy native Apple® Time Machine® integration. A web-based backup wizard is provided for backing up data in the Synology DS112j to another Synology DiskStation or to an external hard drive via USB connection.

Energy Efficient with Cool and Quiet Design

Synology DS112j is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Not only does it provide a larger fan and the smart airflow to keep the system running cool 24/7, its noise dampening design makes it really quiet (17.1 dB) compared to PC counterparts. The support of multiple scheduled power on/off and hard drive hibernation can further reduce power consumption and operation cost.

All Synology products are produced with RoHS compliant parts and packed with recyclable packing materials. Synology acknowledges the responsibility as a global citizen to continually work to reduce the environmental impact of every product produced.

DS112J | NAS Home to Small Office | CPU 1 GHz | RAM DDR2 128MB | 3.5" SATA(II) X1 or 2.5'' SATA/SSD x1 | USB 2.0 port X2 | Max Capacity (Internal HDD): 4TB 

Frecvență procesor 1.0GHz
Memorie DDR2 128MB

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